The Dream of God

“That is what the biblical story is all about – the people of God losing the way and a God who will not give up calling them back. Again and again, God calls us to return. I think the calling still goes on today, but I believe the Christian church has distorted the call, narrowed it from a call to transform the world to a call to transform the souls of individuals who hear and heed a specific message, narrowed it from a present possibility to the future fulfillment.”

“When we waste our time talking about sin as individual acts — usually individual acts someone else is doing– we miss the power of the biblical idea of sin…. Sin is a misuse of human freedom that separates us from God, from other people, even from ourselves…. Sin is separation. The wholeness of creation is broken… The very expression of God’s gift is community — a people called out to witness the dream of God.”

-from The Dream of God by Verna J. Dozier (pg. 4-5; pg 45).