It’s likely that humans have been looking at the sky and imagining God (or gods) for tens of thousands of years, if not longer. The heavens have always ignited our imaginations, so much so that we’ve often fabricated complete lunacies like, “the moon is made of cheese.” If only that had been true…

Everything is cosmically connected: Astronomers discover giant wave-shaped structure in the Milky Way

Hubble peers back in time and makes an astonishing discovery

Astronomers Discover Deep-Space “Structure,” 1.4 Billion Light Years Across

This image is called “The Pillars of Creation.” Cool, huh? It’s a new region of stars forming in the Eagle Nebula.

Astronomers manage to debunk our wildest fantasies while simultaneously instilling us with awe and wonder. How does one not imagine God when looking through the Hubble Space Telescope? How does one not fall to bended knee in utter, soul-stirring awe at the magnificence of a conscious universe revealed through astronomy?

Previously thought to be impossible to “see,” astronomers recently captured the first images of a black hole. Spoiler alert: It looks like a donut.


Science and religion do not have to be enemies, and in fact, the Catholic Church has been far more supportive of scientific endeavors than most people are aware. For example, did you know the Vatican Observatory was established in 1578, nearly 100 years before the Galileo controversy? And today, they have a branch in Tucson, Arizona!