Christian nationalists

Americans have never had a monolithic view of Jesus, nor have they had a monolithic understanding of what Christianity is. In fact, so-called liberals and conservatives are miles apart when it comes to race. While it does not seem to be the case that evangelical conservative Christians are all Christian nationalists, what is clear is that conservatives have much in common with the beliefs of Christian nationalists, so much so that they have not, in history, railed against the presence of racism. Stewart says that “Christian nationalism looks backward on a fictionalized history of American’s allegedly Christian founding.” Christian nationalists and some evangelical Christian adhere to the belief that “true Christians” have been commanded by God to gain control of the “seven mountains” of culture and influence: “government, business, education, the media, the arts and entertainment, family and religion.” By referring to the Bible, they push the belief that what they are seeking is God’s will, a will which has been muddied over time by the theology of liberals and others who, frankly, do not understand God. 

From “With Liberty and Justice for Some: The Bible, the Constitution, and Racism in America” by Susan K. Williams Smith