I was lost and now I’m found

Why do I tell this story in light of the abuse and murder of autistic children? And why do I tell it using only the barest outline of facts?

Because I was lost and now I’m found.

Things started out hard. And things turned out mostly okay. My life as an undiagnosed autistic kid was tough and weird, but I got through it, and I even achieved my dream.

No one “rehomed” or killed me for being autistic, and, despite the challenges, I have done some good things. I’m a decent citizen. I’m thankful for a marvelous life partner and two kids who bless us every day. I’m thankful for a church that edifies and challenges me. And while I don’t think that being a professor at a liberal arts college is better than some other outcomes, I know it’s the one I wanted. And when you talk with parents about their kid’s futures, don’t they often say, “I just want them to be happy”?

I’m happy. And a lot of other autistic kids would be too if we didn’t abandon or murder them (or Other them so intensely that they’re driven toward self-harm). Not only might they turn out happy; they might also contribute beautifully to the world – to our lives. To your life. 

From  “On the Spectrum: Autism, Faith, and the Gifts of Neurodiversity” by Daniel Bowman Jr.