If we refuse to face the truth

There is an insidious and growing evil at work among us that continues to commodify and dehumanize human beings according to a racial hierarchy. This is rooted in a philosophical belief that certain people are higher on the “great chain of being” than others, which justifies mistreating people deemed “lower” as less than human. That’s why a white man can have a gun in his hands and be arrested without being shot or killed, but a Black child holding a toy gun is killed by the police within two seconds of their arrival, before he even has a chance to speak. This type of racialized injustice is woven throughout every aspect of our human society, and I feel compelled to come “out of the palace” and speak out against it. If I and others do not call people to tell the truth about what’s happening, we will replicate this type of racial evil from one generation to the next. If we refuse to face the truth about our racialized society, we will find new ways to repackage it and will never heal the pervasive racial and social injustice in our land.

From “Becoming Brave: Finding The Courage To Pursue Racial Justice Now” by Brenda Salter McNeil – Brazos Press

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