Parenting Forward- Cindy Wang Brandt 

Daneen Akers Discusses Her Work On Queerology

Daneen Akers is a documentary filmmaker, writer, “cautiously Christian” seeker, and mother who believes deeply in the power of stories.

Parenting for Progressives- Cindy Wang Brandt on A Better Story

Parenting Beyond Spanking- That God Show

The Dtalks

Kate and Colby Show



Cindy Wang Brandt Parenting Forward 

Bruce Reyes Chow Don’t Be An Asshat

Danya Ruttenberg Nurture the Wow: Finding Spirituality in the Frustration, Boredom, Tears, Poop, Desperation, Wonder, and Radical Amazement of Parenting

It Runs In The Family : On Being Raised by Radicals and Growing into Rebellious Motherhood

Sex + Faith: Talking With Your Child From Birth To Adolescence

Found: A Story of Questions, Grace, and Everyday Prayer

Maybe I Can Love My Neighbor Too



Five FAQs – Parenting While Deconstructing- Cindy Wang Brandt

Cindy Wang Brandt- Blog 

Spiritual Parent

For God So Loved the World Easter Basket Ideas

How an Ancient Spiritual Practice Can Help Parents Model Good Decision-Making

10 Reasons The Original Sin Doctrine is Damaging for Children

Should I Raise My Kids In Church?

The Rise Of Unfundamentalist Parenting

5 Christian Parenting Ideas To Let Go Of

God Is Love – Daily Lessons of God In Parenting

How Parenting Can Inform Theology

How Parents Can Be Like Prophets

Parenting In The Me Too Era

Parenting for Racial Justice

Dear Mother – Sarah Bessey

Anger Is Not A Sin – Kathy Escobar

Some Material May Not Be Suitable For Children – Alise Wright

Redeeming Cinderella’s Stepmother – Sarah Bost-Askins

Lament and Faith and Childhood: Why my kid and I read the sad Psalms – Micha Boyett

Micha Boyett Blog

Ask. Seek. Knock. Breathe.


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Embrace Race- Raising A Brave Generation


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