Places of renewal, hospitality, and spiritual vision

“Ancient biblical tradition suggests that waters—wells, spring, oases—are also places of renewal, hospitality, and spiritual vision, where human beings see God and receive God’s blessing.” (Grounded, p. 73)


With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation. (Isaiah 12:3)


We had a decorative well in the side yard of my childhood home. My brother, sister, and I loved playing on it, throwing things into the well. We were fascinated by it. Then, when we moved to the country, we had well water in our house. I remember how cold, fresh, and pure the water tasted. Such memories, I think, make me feel angry and sad when I hear about those who do not have good water—or situations like Flint, Michigan, where water is used as a political tool. All human beings should be able to play at water’s edge, to drink good water, and find renewal and health there. A good well is a human right.


Open my eyes, O God, to see the wells of your presence around me in the world today. And give me the passion to provide wells and water for all.

  • From “Grounded” by Diana Butler Bass HarperOne