Recipes, Good Reads, and Diversions for Social Distancers

Hi Faith and Food Readers:

I won’t attempt to wax eloquent about this “unsettling,” “unprecedented” time. But I will say that—and I imagine this might also be true of you—I’ve been thinking more than ever about food: about scarcity and inequity, about the pleasure and community we derive from eating, and about food as a political issue.

I’m also cooking much more than I usually do. For the past few years, my husband’s job has had him traveling nearly weekly and all but my youngest child had left the nest. Now, though, my husband is grounded and my elder daughter is home from college, taking her courses from her childhood bedroom. (For a great discussion, by the way, of how to help your newly “sheltering in place” adolescent and young adult children when they are suddenly torn from their lives and home for the foreseeable future, watch this amazing Q&A with Dr. Lisa Damour.)

This post is really just a means for me to share a few resources that have engaged my mind and imagination (and some that have made me laugh) over the past week or so. I hope you find a nugget of wisdom or hope or humor here!

Until next time, I wish you health, safety, and good food to nourish you.

Jennifer Grant

Easy Reads, Recipes, and Shows to Enjoy While You’re Sheltering at Home:

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Good Reads:

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Ways to Help Others:

No Kid Hungry:

Feeding America:

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Find a food pantry:

Support Local Restaurants by Ordering Chef-Made Meal Kits:

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