String Theory breaks down the building blocks of material reality—atoms—into smaller and smaller particles (quarks, muons, gluons, etc.) until we finally reach what is essentially a particle that looks like a vibrating string. Hence the name string theory. String Theory implies that all realities are formed from a single energy source, similar to the way a stringed instrument creates sound (an idea that fits nicely with The Gospel of John’s concept of “the Word” as the beginning of reality). When plucked, the string of a guitar (for example) vibrates and sends energy waves through the atmosphere.

A couple of blog posts about String Theory as the foundation of postmodern theology:

For a fascinating look at how this works in our world, check out the article “Mesmerising view of guitar strings being plucked and ‘wobbling’ using slow motion effects and strobe lighting.

We hear these waves as sound, but on a quantum level, it is possible these energy waves are the foundational building blocks of creation. Theologically, these fundamental overtones are resonant frequencies—love songs, from the very being of God, itself the fundamental string of reality. “In the beginning was the Word,” might just turn out to be true in a way John never imagined. Read more…

Working to discover the foundational building blocks of the material world, String Theorists help us think about reality across the time-space continuum. String theory describes parallel universes and alternate realities which force us to consider the nature of God as more than a being obsessed with human nature. In fact, String Theory forces people of faith to consider that God’s very self might be the basic building block of reality. We are not externally created, but rather, we are created from God stuff in the fiery furnaces of dying stars. Dying, yet resurrecting new life in the form of galaxies, planets, and people. Read more…

Read The Invisible Thread Series, one pastor’s approach to introducing a congregation to the use of science, as well as scripture, as a revelation of God’s presence. We are, quite literally, God songs, vibrating in or out of tune with the Universe.

Some other String Theory Primers and great places to start your journey into quantum string theology:

The Eschatology of String Theory

String theory fundamentally changes our concept of time, forcing us to think in the non-linear way of Jesus. Time is relative to the observer (your frame of reference), and as we’ve learned from the articles above, it’s possible the observer is actually creating time, simply by observing.

On wave functions and why they seem inconsistent without considering that consciousness is as fundamental to our understanding of reality as gravity and magnetism:

We’re just getting started with the weirdness! We are entangled not just across distances, but also across realities:

One of the ongoing debates in String Theory is about the number of dimensions in our reality. It is interesting to note that many theorists have determined there are 10 dimensions directly correlated to our time-space continuum. That’s the same number ancient Jewish Kabbalists refer to when describing the Sephiroth in the Tree of Life. There’s a fantastic analysis of the different tree of life icons in various religions here:

And an article about current 10-dimensional theory that jives nicely with our ancestor’s interpretation (although they stopped at seven dimensions, because for the ancient Jewish people the number seven represented the completion of perfect, divine activity):