Why be a Christian in the twenty-first century?

From “Days of Awe and Wonder: How to Be a Christian in the 21st Century” by Marcus Borg – HarperOne

A portion of the Foreword by Marianne Borg:

Why be a Christian in the twenty-first century? Because it gives us a vision. And a hope. And a way. The language of the New Testament talks about the “kingdom of God.” Which is here, now. Which is what this world would be like if God was Lord and Caesar was not. The vision of Christianity for a just, sane, nonviolent world is not utopian. It is within our capacity. And such capacity requires that we take up the crucible of transformation. Transformation, individually and collectively, is the key ingredient for liberation. Without our participation in transformation and embodying lives of compassion, the kingdom of God will not come. It is up to us, and we are not alone.

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