I Reject the Version of Jesus Who…

I reject the version of Jesus who would have told the rich young ruler, “you are blessed” instead of, “give everything to the poor and follow me.”

Who would have pushed women to the fringes of the narrative, instead of empowering Mary to be the first preacher of resurrection.

Who would have preferred dinners with politicians and high society, instead of being surrounded by the lowly and the outcast.

Who would have taken up residency in Jerusalem to become a famous talking-head, instead of walking among the hurting and those nobody would visit.

Who would have used the sword to rule with might, instead of healing those affected by violence.

Who would have demanded resources so he could build his empire, instead of riding a donkey on his way to sacrifice.

Yes, I reject this Jesus as a fabrication of racism. An idol of misogyny. A golden calf of greed.

And I follow the Christ who preaches good news to the poor.

And feeds the hungry.

And empowers the marginalized.

And loves the broken parts of you and me.

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