The deep wounds have been on full display

Yet as I wallowed in grief, I realized I was not alone. This is how most of the world has lived for most of history. Rarely are leaders on the side of the people. Quite often, there are radically different views and experiences within societies and even within individual families. In the United States, people of color, immigrants, Native people, and any other marginalized groups have rarely felt safe, seen as valuable by those in power, or free to thrive. And yet, despite the uncertainty and chaos, people build resilience, speak the truth, work for healing, fight for change, and most importantly, love one another and create space for joy and celebration.

Over the past four years since that 2016 election, the deep wounds of our country, our communities, and even our families have been on full display. Sometimes it seems we are living in different worlds depending on to what news we listen or with what circle of friends we surround ourselves. I feel real concern about the divisiveness in rhetoric, about the policies that marginalize people and tear families apart, and about the realization that the only way through all of this is to stand fiercely for human dignity and to build relationships with people whose views differ substantially from my own.  

From “Holy Chaos: Creating Connections in Divisive Times” by Amanda Henderson – Chalice Press

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