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75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice

The Enduring Solidarity of Whiteness (The Atlantic) – by Ta-Nehisi Coates

The Social Construction of Whiteness: Racism by intent, racism by consequence ( – by Teresa J. Guess

Challenging Whiteness in the Faith Space (St. Louis American) – by Terrell Carter

What Does it Mean to Be White? (Fortune) – by Ellen McGirt

Police Brutality and the Role that Whiteness Plays (The Atlantic) – by: Conor Friedersdorf

Seeing Racism: Classes examine blind spots and bias (C-Ville) – by Caroline Eastham

A Black Principal, four white teens, and a ‘senior prank’ that became a hate crime (WaPo) – by Jessica Contrera

A Break in Time: 5 ways white Christian theology needs to change after Charleston (HuffPo) – by Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks

What is Whiteness? (NYT) – by Nell Irvin Painter

The Chasm Between White Theology and Black Liberation (The Salt Collective) – by Brandi Miller

White Christians Need to Act More Christian Than White: White evangelicals need to repent for how we’ve enabled racism (Sojourners) – by Jim Wallis

Whiteness is Still a Proxy for Being American (The Atlantic) – by Peter Beinhart 

Faith Leaders Invited to Tackle Issue of White Privilege (Enid News and Eagle) – by James Neal

The Painful Roots of Trump’s ‘Go Back’ Comment (NYT) – by Katie Rogers

How Privileged are You? (Buzzfeed) – by Rega Jha and Tommy Wesely

Understanding Whiteness  – by Alberta Civil Liberties Research Center


White Picket Fences: Turning toward love in a world divided by privilege – by Amy Julia Becker

White Awake: An honest look at what it means to be white – by Brenda Salter McNeil

The Myth of Equality: Uncovering the roots of injustice and privilege – by Ken Wytsma

White Fragility: Why it’s so hard for white people to talk about racism – by Robin DiAngelo

Between the World and Me – by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Tears We Cannot Stop: A sermon to white America – by Michael Eric Dyson

White Rage: The unspoken truth of our racial divide – by Carol Anderson, Ph.D

White Like Me: Reflections on race from a privileged son – by Tim Wise

The End of White Christian America – by Robert P. Jones

How to Be an Antiracist – by Ibram X. Kendi

We Were Eight Years in Power: An American tragedy – by Ta-Nehisi Coates


13th (Netflix)

Get Out

Dear White People 

12 Years a Slave


White Homework

21 Podcasts that Confront Racism in America

Teaching While White

Seeing White

Interchangeable White Ladies Podcast

Straight White Guy Listening

White on White

Color Me Conscious

Episode: John A. Powell: Opening to the Question of Belonging (On Being with Krista Tippet) – Original airdate: June 25, 2015

Episode: Unpacking Whiteness With Documentarian John Biewen (The Big Listen) – Original airdate: January 18, 2018

Episode: TAS Episode 5: Do you think that light-skinned people are privileged, by white people?


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